What is the MysteryToken?

The MysteryToken is the first Token of its kind. The team will work hard to deliver special real estate NFTS.

Earn BNB just by holding. You don’t have to do anything. The BNB Rewards will appear in your wallet automatically. To prevent unstable BNB Rewards we came up with the following Idea. The amount of BNB you recieve does not depend on the volume or market cap of $MYSTERY. It depends on the time our Project is live. Depending on how much % of the total Supply you own you will get a bigger Reward every 3 Days.

Everything is still a Mystery and nobody knows what to expect.


  • Total Supply of $MYSTERY
  • There will be a 6% Tax on every transaction
  • 2% will go to a BNB Pot
  • 4% will go to Liquidity